Project Inter-G is an event organized by IGG, with the aim of finding top talents in the gaming industry among expats from all over the world! It doesn’t matter if you are a student or an already employed professional. As long as you are a Chinese-speaking devoted game enthusiast, you are qualified to apply this 15-day event.You will learn how IGG came to lead the industry in game marketing and operations, and also compete in the "Game Promotion Contest", with a grand prize pool of 185,000 RMB and employment opportunities from IGG!

We are hiring: 100 persons

Location: IGG (Fuzhou)

Duration: 15 Days (Late January)2019

We are looking for: All foreign game enthusiasts

who are fluent in Chinese





Five days of professional training, unveiling the secrets of game operations and marketing
Interact with core members of the teams that produced worldwide hit games like [Lords Mobile], [Castle Clash], and more!
Through our specially designed training courses, you will learn about the processes that go into releasing a game, from pre-development research, to market promotion, to daily operations.



Eight days of intense competition. Grand prize pool: 185,000 RMB + Employment offers from IGG Two rounds; 3 days, 5 days; individual and team contests; everybody gets a prize! The winners get opportunities to join IGG.
八天激烈比赛,瓜分18.5万大奖,获IGG入职offer 两轮竞技较量,3天、5天,个人赛、团体赛,人人有奖!比赛优胜者更可获IGG入职offer!
Allowance of 7000 RMB+Free Transport and Lodging+Meal Reimbursements Each participant will receive 7000 RMB allowance fees. Your travel expenses within mainland China, your lodging and your meals will be fully covered by IGG.
人均7000元活动补贴+免费往返交通、住宿+定额餐补 每位参赛者除了获得7000元的活动补贴之外,我们还会承担学员在中国境内往返交通费用,活动期间住宿费用,并给予15天定额餐费补贴!
Project Management项目管理

Analyse industry trends, do product research. Follow up the development
process, conduct quality analysis regularly and finally help to coordinate product launch.


Devise online product launch strategies, in-game events. Carry out scientific analysis on product
data to improve user experience and product revenue. Gather information about
competing products, regularly provide feedback on game updates to development teams. 制定产品运营策略、活动;科学分析产品数据以提升用户体验、产品收入;收集各国市场竞品


Develop game marketing strategy based on regional needs. Expand and maintain
media/business development resources of regional markets. Keep track of the strategies and
actions of competing products, carry out analyses, and come up with counter plans for
implementation. 制定、执行针对不同地区的推广计划;开拓、维护各地区市场媒体、商务等各渠道资源进行合作;负责跟进竞品推广策略,分析、借鉴或制定对策。

Human Resource & Administration人事行政

Take charge of gaming talent recruitment in global scale, conduct global talent pool research, participate in company’s internal and external event planning, ect.

You must be:

1. A foreigner with Chinese proficiency of HSK4 or equivalent.

2. An avid gamer who loves and understands games.

3. An applicant over the age of 18.

1. 全球范围内,中文HSK4级或同等水平的外籍。

2. 非常热爱游戏,了解游戏,有长期游戏经验者。

3. 申请人需年满18岁

Lords Mobile is loved by many all over the world, both players and critics alike.
Here is a timeline of the accolades and awards it has won:
Dec 2016 - Most Competitive Game of 2016 on Google Play in 73 countries and regions.
Aug 2017 - NO.1 in War Strategy Games worldwide.
Jan 2018 -  "Android Excellence Game of 2017" by Google Play, and the "Best International APP" by Xiaomi MIUI.
In 2018, Lords Mobile continues to be one of the recommended games on Google Play and Apple App Store in many 
countries and regions.

2016年12月,《王国纪元》获Google Play全球73个国家和地区的“年度最佳对战游戏”;
2018年1月,《王国纪元》荣获Google Play评选为“2017Android卓越游戏”;
2018年获小米公司MIUI颁发的“2017最佳国际化APP”奖项,且持续在多个国家和地区获得Google Play和苹果App Store的首页推荐;
In 2014, Google has listed Castle Clash as one of the “Best Android Games of 2014”. 
In Dec 2016, China GIAC ranked Castle Clash in Top 10 Most Popular Overseas Games of 2016.
2014年,《城堡争霸》荣获Google Play评选为“Best Games of 2014”;
Operations 运营团队
Established in 2006, IGG global operation team comprises of talents in game
operations and management, event operation, version management, and
other integrative skill sets. After years of continuous growth and expansion,
local operation teams are set up in over 10 countries and regions worldwide. The
global operation team possesses tenacious competence in combined operations,
and manages the operation of AAA games such as Lords Mobile Castle Clash
and more. Lords Mobile topped the global charts of war strategy games at the
first place for consecutive years, with monthly revenue hitting a record-breaking 56 million USD.


Marketing 市场团队
With a core of highly competent professionals in advertising, business
development, IGG marketing team is able to carry out concise and efficient
advertising campaigns in various countries, and devise tailor-made local
PR strategies. The team’s excellent efforts have led to stellar results.
Players span more than 200 countries and regions, with 480 million
registered users,and MAU reaching 19 million. The team has an outstanding
track record in business development. They have established solid and
long-standing relations with esteemed global partners such as Apple, GooglePlay, Amazon, Microsoft, and more than 100 other distribution and
promotion platform partners.


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